Musings on the Junior QSA

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March 1, 2016 by bahsqsa


This morning we had our first Junior QSA event. This is something we’ve been discussing for a while. We want to provide a space where younger members of the homeschooling community can participate in discussions about LGBTQ+ topics and issues. We have discovered that most people do not consider that these topics apply to a younger population. However, in recent years, children have been coming out earlier and earlier. It is also important for all kids to have an opportunity to learn about LGBTQ+ information from knowledgeable older youth and adults. To address this gap, we have taken the step of dedicating our first meeting of every month to welcoming people 12 and under.

Despite our attempts to spread the word, and although we know the kids are out there, not one new person showed up at the meeting. We have chosen not to be discouraged by this. Even if no one shows up, it’s still important that the opportunity is there. We’ve still created something new.

Every first Tuesday of the month is Junior QSA, for people ages 12 and under who are interested in supporting each other, fighting for social justice, educating one another and the community and having fun! Fruit and water provided.

Wini and Eli BAHS QSA Members

The Boston Area Homeschoolers’ Queer-Straight Alliance meets every Tuesday from 10:00 to noon in the Fox Library branch community room. The BAHS QSA is a safe, confidential space where youth can come together to:
-Support each other
-Fight for social justice
-Educate each other and the community
-Plan social and educational events


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